When a cynical orphan is sent to live with her uncle who’s a crazy postman, she rediscovers the magic of Christmas.

It’s Mr Bean meets Pee Wee Herman in It’s a Wonderful Life.

Inspired by the true story of Postie Cam.

Early Mood Reel

These drawings were part of the original development process by writer Frank Woodley as he teased out the story. They represent only a fraction of the work he created are are only meant as a guide to the tone and feel of the project.

Evie Hates Christmas is inspired by the true story of Postie Cam.

Cam is a postman in the seaside town of Torquey, Victoria Australia who festooned his postal motorbike with Christmas tinsel, fairy lights, toys reindeer and a miniature sleigh. He brought joy and magic to the town and before Christmas he would collect the letters to the children of the local school had written to Santa and took them back to the North Pole for the big man to write a reply and Cam would bring them back to the ecstatic cheers to the local kids. When Australia Post make him take the tinsel off on health and safety grounds the town is furoius – how will Cam bring back the answered letters from Santa?

Evie Hates Christmas is an inspirational film about the magic and value of community and giving for all ages. An uplifing story for the whole family.

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