Postie Cam


After receiving no response to his letter to Santa asking for assistance in bringing his absent father home for Christmas, 8-year-old CAM lost confidence in the magic of the season. 

Thirty years later, Cam is an eccentric, lovable postman known to everyone in the picturesque surf town of Torquay as “Postie Cam.” But for all his popularity on the job, Cam is not all surface cheer. Beneath is a lonely guy who can’t make genuine connections for fear that people, like his dad, will leave.

Cam meets FRANK (7), who is new to town and asks Cam to deliver a letter he has written to Santa, asking to help to stop his sister Aimee (12) from getting into trouble and running away back to her absent dad in Tasmania. Though struck by Frank’s plight, the irony is not lost. Cam humours him and then tosses the letter, knowing Santa probably won’t help anyway. Later, Cam meets a troubled young girl in a tough spot helping her get back home, where Frank is waiting. This is awkward and gets worse when Frank asks about his letter. Cam is guilted into retrieving his letter and making Franks’s wish come true by keeping Aimee out of trouble and home for Christmas.

Cam’s solution is to dress as a self-styled Santa helper and deck out his postie bike with crazy amounts of tinsel and decoration. He organises with the principle of Franks school that his classmates write letters to Santa so Cam can collect them all and have Aimee and her at-risk friends write responses as Santa’s helpers. By keeping the kids engaged, he hopes to fulfil Frank’s wish. When the school principal shows Cam that the WHOLE SCHOOL has written Santa letters for him, Cam realises he may be in over his head.

When Cam makes the local paper’s front page, Australia Post Head Office finds out and is worried about lawsuits if any of that tinsel gets caught in a wheel. They send the square-peg-in-a-round-corporate-hole comms worker REBECCA (30s) to Torquay to tell Cam to cease and desist. Trouble is, Rebecca is a repressed craft lover and adores what Cam’s doing. She’s torn between duty and passion and ends up helping Cam, and the kids create magnificent Santa replies. As Cam gets in deeper with the whole process, he finds he’s actually enjoying it—maybe even being struck by Christmas magic again…

At the post depot, Rebecca’s true task is revealed, and the letters are confiscated by higher ups. Cam is devastated. The upset kids feel betrayed, and now Frank’s wish is under threat—Aimee might run away. Cam makes a big push to get Aimee to help him recover the Santa letters, but they’re busted and wind up in the local lockup. Australia Post goons visit and inform Cam that if he recants publically and denudes his bike, they won’t press charges against him and Aimee. He has no choice…

With Cam at his lowest ebb, it gets even worse—FRANK runs away.

Can Cam rescue Frank, galvanise the town, reunite with Rebecca, and defy Australia Post to make a last ditch effort to deliver his Santa letter promise? And in doing so, bring Christmas back to town, and get a taste of real Christmas magic from Santa himself?

Not to give anything away, but this IS a feelgood Christmas movie…

Steve Kearney

Peter Ivan



A Melbourne Based Film Development and Production Company

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