Frank Woodley is one of the worlds best physical comedians and brings a classic sense of play to the role of Cam, the real life postie that the true story was inspired by. In Postie Cam Frank gets to use his skills that echo the greats such as Jaque Tati, Mr Bean and the fun of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

Christmas films are a staple of the family genre, even in Australia where we dont get snow in summer of course but still enjoy a good wintery story about Santa. This research page lets you browse elements linked to the film Postie Cam – Even a case for not releasing a Christmas film in the holiday season, as many Christmas themed films are not.

We have information on silent characters in film and how successful they can be as our main character Cam is silent. The use of slapstick in Cinema and general information on the success of the genre.

Inspiriations and touchstones for the project


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